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Childbirth and aging can cause changes to your most intimate areas, and that can have an effect on your level of confidence and sexual enjoyment. You no longer need to live with those changes, thanks to ThermiVa, a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment. In Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Steven Camp is one of the few plastic surgeons to offer ThermiVa. The procedure, performed at our office, has no downtime and takes only about 45 minutes.

You can learn more about ThermiVa and whether it’s right for you by requesting a consultation with Dr. Camp online. Or give our office a call at (817) 228-4315 to schedule an appointment.

A Customized Procedure

Dr. Camp understands that vaginal laxity and the loss of sensitivity after childbirth are sensitive topics. He discusses your specific concerns privately during the consultation to assess whether ThermiVa is the appropriate treatment for you.

In some cases, he may recommend labiaplasty, a surgical procedure that can reshape or reduce uneven, extended, or oversized labia. ThermiVa may also be part of a mommy makeover procedure to further restore the body after childbirth (the procedure typically includes cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring).

Women who benefit from a ThermiVa treatment typically have one or more of the following concerns:

Your ThermiVa Treatment

ThermiVa uses heat generated by radiofrequency energy to trigger renewed skin tone through the production of collagen, which helps tighten the vaginal walls. During the treatment, Dr. Camp applies this thermal energy using the sterile, single-use handpiece, targeting specific areas such as the labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, or the inside of the vagina. The extent of the treatment depends on your specific concerns.

There is little to no discomfort during the procedure, and no anesthesia is necessary. Women usually report feeling a moderately warm sensation. Patients typically require a series of 3 treatments spaced 30 days apart, and each treatment lasts for about 30 minutes.


There is no downtime involved if you undergo ThermiVa as a standalone treatment. You can return to your life as normal immediately, including sexual activity.

Women usually say that they experience noticeable results soon after the first treatment. These include enhanced sensitivity, a “tighter” feeling, enhanced lubrication, and fewer episodes of urinary incontinence.

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