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CoolMini™ or KYBELLA®? Which Is Best for Neck Fat

The best skin tightening option - CoolMini or Kybella?

What comes to mind when you picture an attractive face, whether male or female? For some, the eyes are the key feature. Others may believe a straight, well-proportioned nose is essential. Certainly, a sharply defined jawline is high on the list because it’s a sign of health and youthfulness. Excess neck fat under the chin, however, softens the jawline and detracts from the face’s overall attractiveness. Two nonsurgical treatments, KYBELLA® and CoolSculpting®, offered at our Fort Worth practice can help reduce that fat.

So, which one is best for you? Both are safe and effective treatments that have been cleared by the FDA for reducing submental fat—the neck fat that tends to create the appearance of a double chin. In this blog post, we’ll describe how each treatment is performed and its advantages. Ultimately, it’s the patient’s choice after consulting with a plastic surgeon.

CoolSculpting With CoolMini™

CoolSculpting made its reputation as a groundbreaking, nonsurgical fat reduction treatment targeting trouble spots such as the abdomen, love handles, and thighs. In the 10 years since it first came to market, the development of a roster of applicators designed for other areas of the body has made it one of our go-to treatments. The CoolMini is one of those applicators, designed specifically to fit snugly under the chin.

As with all CoolSculpting treatments, there are no incisions and no injections involved. That means there’s no downtime. The CoolMini works the same as other CoolSculpting treatments, “freezing” targeted fat cells in a carefully controlled way that doesn’t damage the skin or other tissue in the treatment area. As the fat cells gradually die, they’re naturally absorbed by the body and then expelled as part of the metabolic process. We recommend 2 treatment sessions to get the optimal results.

Camp Plastic Surgery is a certified CoolSculpting practice, and our providers have completed extensive training with all of the applicators. We’ve also earned the distinction of being a Premier Crystal CoolSculpting Practice because of the large number of treatments we’ve performed with consistently excellent results. It’s safe to say that you won’t find another Fort Worth practice with more CoolSculpting expertise.

You can see the types of results we produce in our gallery of before-and-after photos featuring our actual CoolSculpting patients.


Some patients choose KYBELLA injections to reduce fat below the chin. KYBELLA targets fat cells with deoxycholic acid, a synthetic form of a substance your body naturally makes that helps to absorb fats. After a consultation, we create a customized treatment plan detailing the specific number of injections and treatment sessions needed to achieve the desired results. The procedure begins with Dr. Camp marking specific injection sites in a grid pattern on the neck. Most sessions take about 15 to 20 minutes, with 2 to 4 treatments typically required for the best results.

The primary side effect of KYBELLA injections is swelling that can last for several days after a procedure.

Both KYBELLA and CoolSculpting produce results that appear gradually, taking several weeks. Patients who want to get immediate results may opt for neck liposuction, which uses a small, thin tube called a cannula to remove fat. Good candidates for this procedure have skin that retains most of its elasticity so it will “shrink to fit” the new contours of the neck.

If excess neck fat is preventing you from having a more well-defined jawline, contact us using the online form to request a consultation to discuss which treatment is best for you. If you want to limit your contacts outside the home, we also offer virtual consultations. Our reputation for excellent results and CoolSculpting expertise attracts patients from Abilene and throughout Texas. You can also call us at (817) 228-4315 to schedule an appointment.

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