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Body Contouring

At our practice in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Steven Camp helps women and men to have the contoured, toned bodies that reflect the health and fitness they work so hard to achieve. Dr. Camp, a board-certified plastic surgeon, offers both surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures that tighten skin, create a flatter stomach, and reduce stubborn pockets of fat in areas such as the thighs and buttocks. Body contouring procedures are an excellent choice for patients who stay in good physical condition but still need a little extra help achieving their desired look.

Request a consultation using the online form to meet with Dr. Camp at his Fort Worth practice and discuss your body contouring options. Or call our office at (817) 228-4315 to schedule an appointment.

Orangetwist & The Browtini Bar Orangetwist & The Browtini Bar

OrangeTwist & The Browtini Bar

Dr. Steven Camp is proud to be the co-owner and medical director of Camp Plastic Surgery’s OrangeTwist Med Spa location and the Browtini Bar in Fort Worth. Discover your new go-to spots for nonsurgical aesthetics, from fat reduction and wrinkle treatments to eyebrow sculpting and premium skincare.

Body Contouring Procedures

During your consultation, Dr. Camp explains your procedure and, in some cases, may recommend combining procedures. For example, a mommy makeover typically combines a tummy tuck and liposuction, along with breast enhancement. Dr. Camp customizes body contouring procedures to meet the unique needs of each patient.

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Male Breast Reduction

In addition to other body contouring procedures, Dr. Camp performs male breast reduction in Fort Worth using liposuction. Gynecomastia is a condition that affects many men and adolescent boys causes the overdevelopment of breast tissue. This condition is often embarrassing, causing patients to limit social activities and undermining their confidence. Male breast reduction is a procedure that can involve surgical excision, liposuction, or a combination of techniques depending on the specific cause of the condition.

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