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At our Fort Worth, Texas, practice rhinoplasty (sometimes called a nose job) is performed to help bring the size and shape of the nose into better harmony with the other facial features. It is a very popular procedure, largely due to its ability to transform the appearance of the entire face. It’s extremely important to select an experienced rhinoplasty specialist such as Dr. Steven Camp, whose advanced fellowship training and dedication to collaboration with his patients set him apart, and help ensure rhinoplasty results that make you look and feel great.

 Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Case: 1 of 6
Case: 1 of 6
Rhinoplasty Before & After Photo | Fort Worth, Texas | Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 1 of 5

Rhinoplasty in a Young Professional

This patient approached our office to achieve a softening and overall shaping of her nose through rhinoplasty surgery.   Her before and after photos show that she still looks like herself before, only improved.  As Dr. Camp says, "we aren't looking to put patients in the Witness Protection Program." Her rhinoplasty... Read More
Rhinoplasty Before & After Photo | Fort Worth, Texas | Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 2 of 5

Intraoperative Photo Pre- and Post-Rhinoplasty

We look forward to showing you the full set of before and after pictures for this 25 year old patient.  Her rhinoplasty results will be beautiful.Her rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery was performed in Fort Worth, Texas at an accredited outpatient surgery facility.  She recovered home under the care of family and will return to work... Read More
Rhinoplasty Before & After Photo | Fort Worth, Texas | Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 3 of 5

Her Pretty Red Lipstick Looks even More Beautiful After Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant

This young patient contacted our office regarding her desire to have a more feminine and harmonious profile and hoped that plastic surgery was a good option for her.  After having a consultation with plastic surgeon Steven Camp MD it was determined that she would benefit from both rhinoplasty and chin implant.  The primary correction... Read More
Rhinoplasty Before & After Photo | Fort Worth, Texas | Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 4 of 5

Rhinoplasty with an Incredibly Subtle yet Important Softening of the Facial Appearance

This patient in her mid-30s visited with our office to discuss her desire for a softer appearance through rhinoplasty.  She was looking for a subtle change that wouldn't necessarily be obvious but would lead people to say "not sure what you've done but you look great." During her hour-long consultation with... Read More
Rhinoplasty Before & After Photo | Fort Worth, Texas | Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 5 of 5

Rhinoplasty Before and After in a Beautiful Subtle Way

This sweet patient reached out to us to reduce the nasal bump that had bothered her for some time.  Not wanting to largerly change her overall look we moved forward with a subtle but beautiful rhinoplasty. Her pictures are captured just months after her surgery and she will continue to have a decrease in swelling over the coming year. ... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

If you’ve been considering cosmetic nose surgery in Fort Worth, request a consultation with Dr. Camp by using our online form, or call our office at (817) 228-4315 to schedule an appointment.

A Customized Procedure

Dr. Camp takes the time to learn about the cosmetic concerns you have and the specific outcome you envision. That’s one of the things that sets him apart from other plastic surgeons. His collaborative nature is especially helpful for rhinoplasty patients, many of whom are in their 20s and 30s and may have been considering nose surgery for years.

Rhinoplasty is a very versatile procedure, and Dr. Camp can make your nose narrower or straighter; he can make refinements to the tip or the nostrils; he can smooth bumps or make a variety of other changes that make your nose more aesthetically pleasing.

After discussing your goals and examining your nose structure and the skin, Dr. Camp creates a customized surgical plan the best suits your specific needs. He explains the approach and what you can expect after the surgery.

Many women ask about undergoing breast augmentation at the same time as their nose surgery. This is an increasingly common and very do-able combination. Combining procedures is safe and offers a number of benefits. Those include:

If you’re interested in both breast enhancement and rhinoplasty, Dr. Camp encourages you to discuss this possibility during your consultation.

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Steven Camp MD

Dr. Camp is dedicated to providing quality, personalized care to all patients. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with advanced training, Dr. Camp knows producing excellent outcomes depends on listening closely to his patients.

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Photo by Aggie Brooks for SPOTLYTE™ by Allergan

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Orangetwist & The Browtini Bar Orangetwist & The Browtini Bar

OrangeTwist & The Browtini Bar

Dr. Steven Camp is proud to be the co-owner and medical director of Camp Plastic Surgery’s OrangeTwist Med Spa location and the Browtini Bar in Fort Worth. Discover your new go-to spots for nonsurgical aesthetics, from fat reduction and wrinkle treatments to eyebrow sculpting and premium skincare.

Advanced Techniques

Based on his physical evaluation of your nose during the consultation, Dr. Camp decides on one of two techniques for your rhinoplasty — either open or closed rhinoplasty. The open rhinoplasty technique offers Dr. Camp a direct view and access to the nasal structure, leading to more precision during the surgery. In either case, most of the operation itself involves altering the size and shape of the bone and cartilage beneath the skin.

Open Rhinoplasty

To expose the internal nasal structure, Dr. Camp makes a small, horizontal incision on the strip of skin — called the columella — separating the nostrils, through which he accesses the interior structures. The specific steps taken during the procedure vary depending on your cosmetic concerns. Dr. Camp sutures the incision after completing the procedure. This results in a tiny scar that becomes virtually unnoticeable as it fades.

Closed Rhinoplasty

You can probably guess by the name that this technique is performed without external incisions. Dr. Camp instead makes incisions inside the nostrils to gain access to the bone and cartilage being altered. Because the skin isn’t lifted from the nose, Dr. Camp performs the procedure without a full view of the nasal structures.

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Many patients put off getting rhinoplasty because they are worried about the recovery process. They may have heard it was very painful, especially during the removal of nasal packing. The good news is that nasal packing is rarely used these days following rhinoplasty. In fact, the recovery is often relatively comfortable and uneventful.

Rhinoplasty involves general anesthesia, so you’ll first spend some time in the recovery room until Dr. Camp believes you’re ready to return home. Prescription or over-the-counter medication can help manage any discomfort, which often includes something similar to a dull headache during the first 24 hours. Dr. Camp provides detailed postoperative instructions to all patients. Most rhinoplasty patients feel ready to return to work about a week after surgery. Noticeable swelling and bruising may persist for several weeks, but in most cases it is minor after the first week. The most noticeable changes appear 4 to 6 weeks after your surgery, but the results continue improving and the final result may not be fully apparent until a year after the procedure.

Dr. Camp provides patients with his personal cell phone number and he encourages you either call him or the practice with concerns or questions about your recovery.

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