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Breast Lift

Women at our Fort Worth, Texas practice often ask if they need a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both. Dr. Steven Camp is the right person to ask because the board-certified plastic surgeon specializes in cosmetic breast surgery and uses his expertise to evaluate your skin and breast tissue to recommend the best approach to meet your cosmetic goals. In many cases, combining breast implants with a lift produces the optimal results.

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A Customized Procedure

Dr. Camp spends significant time with you during the consultation to ensure the surgical approach he uses takes into account your unique physical characteristics and the cosmetic goals communicated. That may mean he recommends combining a breast lift with augmentation, or a breast reduction. A breast lift is also commonly performed as part of a mommy makeover, which typically includes a tummy tuck and liposuction in addition to cosmetic breast surgery.

A breast lift reshapes, elevates, and restores the youthful perkiness of the breasts for women with moderate to severe ptosis (sagging). The incision technique Dr. Camp uses is based on his assessment of the elasticity of the breast skin and tissue.

Steven Camp MD

Dr. Camp is dedicated to providing quality, personalized care to all patients. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with advanced training, Dr. Camp knows producing excellent outcomes depends on listening closely to his patients.

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Advanced Techniques

Aesthetic breast surgery requires a plastic surgeon who is trained in various techniques to ensure the best results for your body. Dr. Camp varies the incisions he uses based on the degree of lift needed, the position of the nipples, and whether he’s combining the procedure with breast augmentation using implants. A breast lift is often performed if a patient is replacing breast implants.

The different incisions Dr. Camp uses include:

In some cases, Dr. Camp uses what is often called an “internal bra,” which is a tissue matrix that promotes tissue growth and provides additional support to the breasts. The level of Dr. Camp’s technical expertise in using the innovative acellular dermal matrix (ADM) is reflected by the fact that he participates in Advisory Panels and new product development with Lifecell, the leading product manufacturer.


A breast lift is typically an outpatient procedure, meaning you’ll return home the same day as surgery. You will need to have someone drive you home. The time it takes to recover varies from patient to patient, but following the postoperative instructions provided by Dr. Camp will help minimize your discomfort and promote a speedier healing process in most cases. Your recovery will also depend on whether you combine other procedures with the breast lift.

Dr. Camp follows up personally with each patient and we encourage our patients to contact the practice if they have any questions or concerns.

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