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BOTOX® Cosmetic

In Fort Worth, Texas, BOTOX Cosmetic is the go-to anti-wrinkle treatment, just as it is worldwide. Women and men concerned about forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and the “worry lines” that develop between the eyes can soften those lines with these quick injections.

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 Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Case: 1 of 4
Case: 1 of 4
Before & After BOTOX Case 484 Left Oblique View in Fort Worth, Texas
Before & After

Case #484

Botox is the name of the game for this 40 year old patient to help in smoothing her skin.  We treated her forehead, crows feet, between her eyes and a little above the lip.  Treatments take approximately 15 minutes and are maximized with medical grade skincare including SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals or ZO SkinHealth all sold in o... Read More
Before & After BOTOX Case 485 Front View in Fort Worth, Texas
Before & After

Case #485

Botox is the name of the game for this 44 year old patient to help in smoothing her skin.  We treated her forehead, crows feet, between her eyes and a little above the lip.  Treatments take approximately 15 minutes and are maximized with medical grade skincare including SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals or ZO SkinHealth all sold in o... Read More
Before & After BOTOX Case 493 Front View in Fort Worth, Texas
Before & After

Case #493

This patient had a softening between the eyebrows with Botox.  With Botox every three months she is able to maintain a great result.  To schedule your Botox treatment please call the office at 817-228-4315 or fill out the form below.  Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX is a type of neuromodulator that works by blocking nerve signals where it’s administered, preventing the muscle contractions that cause certain types of wrinkles to form such as crow’s feet around the eyes. When it is not being constantly squeezed and creased, the skin gradually smooths out, allowing the wrinkles to fade away.

Dr. Steven Camp is a board-certified plastic surgeon and Allergan injectables trainer. He and our licensed nurse injectors understand facial anatomy and the precision required for BOTOX to give our patients from Mansfield, Abilene, Keller, Frisco, and other nearby areas a more youthful appearance that still looks natural.

Dr. Steven Camp

Steven Camp, MD

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Camp is a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon recognized nationally as a leader in the field of aesthetic surgery. His impressive credentials include a prestigious plastic surgery residency at the University of Utah, where he served as Chief Resident, and serving as a board member with The Aesthetic Society, the leading plastic surgery professional association. His exceptional surgical skills and gift for putting patients at ease attract patients from throughout Texas and around the country.

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BOTOX, Dermal Fillers, or Both?

People often lump BOTOX in with dermal fillers, and it’s easy to see why. These products are both injectable wrinkle smoothers, but the similarities end there.

  • BOTOX is indicated for movement-related wrinkles—specifically crow’s feet and forehead lines. BOTOX only affects the muscles exactly where it’s injected, so you’ll be able to make your normal range of expressions after treatment.
  • Dermal fillers fill in lines and wrinkles from within the skin with a soft gel that feels like natural tissue—often hyaluronic acid-based.

Both products offer temporary (although quite long-lasting) results and don’t typically require any downtime. Because BOTOX and fillers provide complementary results, many people benefit from having these treatments performed together for a complete, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.

Female model with curly hair and gold earrings
Female model with curly hair and gold earrings

What Happens During a BOTOX Treatment?

BOTOX injections aren’t one-size-fits-all procedures. Even though it’s a nonsurgical treatment, Dr. Camp or our nurse injector takes the time needed to carefully evaluate your skin tone and the facial muscle and tissue that support the skin. This helps determine if you’re a good candidate for injectable treatments such as BOTOX and dermal fillers.

One of our nurse injectors or Dr. Camp asks about your cosmetic concerns and the kind of results you are hoping to see after getting BOTOX. This honest discussion helps ensure that our staff and patients agree on the treatment plan and if it’s the right approach to meet their cosmetic goals. They may recommend complementary skincare treatments to enhance the results of your BOTOX injections. Some patients may also benefit from Forever Young BBL™ photorejuvenation treatments, a light-based procedure that addresses sun damage and other skin concerns without downtime.

Are BOTOX Injections Painful?

Most patients tolerate BOTOX injections well. We offer several techniques to keep you comfortable during your treatment, from topical anesthesia to a stress ball to squeeze. The procedure is brief, and we’ll have you on your way in about 30 minutes. To help relieve any discomfort or anxiety associated with the injections, we offer the ProNox® nitrous oxide system to allow patients to control the amount of nitrous oxide administered.

Reward Yourself with Alle™Model

Reward Yourself with Alle™

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How Soon Will I See BOTOX Results?

The time it takes to see the results of BOTOX injections varies from patient to patient, but typically you should notice changes 7 days following the treatment.

We schedule appointments with BOTOX patients about 10 to 14 days after the procedure to observe the results and determine if they need additional injections to meet their goals. We also encourage patients with questions or concerns to contact our practice at any time.

Choosing the Best BOTOX Injector

An experienced injector uses BOTOX to create a relaxed, youthful appearance that avoids the unnatural frozen expression that can result when performed by a less skilled injector. Dr. Camp’s nurse injectors always have your best interest in mind and explain the injection technique we use in a way that makes you feel comfortable with the treatment. Our goal is to ensure you understand the injection plan we’ve created to treat your specific concerns and that any questions you may have are answered. The number of injections needed depends on many factors, including your concerns and the area being treated.

The Bowtie Babes

Our highly skilled team of nursing professionals and licensed aestheticians is a down-to-earth group of women who share a passion for aesthetics and ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed at every visit. They are a big part of our #HappyCamper vibe and one of the reasons people trust us to provide the best care possible.

The Bowtie Babes

How Much Does BOTOX Cost in Fort Worth?

BOTOX prices at our Fort Worth practice depend on several factors. These include the treatment area, how many units are needed to produce the desired results, and the injector’s training and expertise. We offer competitive BOTOX pricing at our practice. To avoid unwanted effects or complications, it’s important not to shop for “bargain” BOTOX injection prices.

Confidence should never be out of reach. Learn more about our patient-centered financing options.

What Happens During BOTOX Recovery?

Some mild swelling and redness at the injection sites are common immediately after getting BOTOX injections, but you can return to work or resume your normal activities when you leave our office.

*Be sure to read and follow our post-treatment instructions to ensure you achieve an optimal result.

Female model with hand on her faceModel

Your BOTOX Timeline

3 Days Before

Avoid alcohol, green tea, fish oil supplements, NSAIDs, and blood thinners.

2 Days Before

Take Valtrex® if you get cold sores.

24 Hours After

Avoid strenuous exercise, heat exposure, and alcohol.

3 Days After

Continue avoiding blood thinners and keep using Valtrex.

7 to 10 Days After

Schedule your follow-up appointment to assess your results.

BOTOX Alternative Uses

BOTOX can provide a variety of other improvements, including:

  • Jawline slimming (masseter reduction)
  • Gummy smile treatment
  • BOTOX lip flip (smile lift)
  • Smoothing out lines around the lips (lipstick lines)
  • Correcting neck bands

You can learn more about the BOTOX lip flip in our blog post, What’s a Lip Flip?

Check Out These Real Patient Results!

Paige and Jeni, bloggers from Style Duplicated, recently stopped by Camp Plastic Surgery. They shared their experience getting BOTOX injections for wrinkles and skin texture improvement with our expert nurse injectors on their blog.

Three quarter profile of Female model wearing a black dress

Modern Maintenance

Want to know the secret to beautiful skin?

A treatment plan of medical-grade skin care and consistent BOTOX® and laser treatments.

When you combine a Sciton BBL® HERO™ or MOXI® laser treatment with your routine BOTOX every 3 months, receive your BOTOX for only $12/unit.

Laser and BOTOX must be done at the same appointment. Have questions? Text (817) 764-1330!

BOTOX Frequently Asked Questions

Is BOTOX safe?

Yes, BOTOX injections are safe when performed by a highly trained and experienced injector. This product contains a purified form of Clostridium botulinum and is safe, effective, and FDA approved for a variety of uses. Millions of people have these treatments each year.

What’s the best age for BOTOX injections?

Because BOTOX is so effective at smoothing away wrinkles, most people start these injections when they are in their 40s and beyond. However, people in their late 20s and early 30s choose BOTOX for “prejuvenation” to stop wrinkles from developing in the first place. Learn more in this blog post.

Can BOTOX prevent new wrinkles from forming?

With consistent use, BOTOX can smooth out existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming.

Is there any way to make my results last longer?

Sticking to a consistent treatment schedule will extend the life of your results. The frequency of treatments varies between individuals; we can help you make a plan that fits your unique needs.

Is BOTOX better than dermal fillers?

The best treatment depends on your cosmetic goals and individual needs. If you want to address lines and creases caused by facial muscle contractions, BOTOX is most likely your best choice. If you want to smooth out wrinkles that don’t change with your expressions, fillers can be a good option. Fillers are also an excellent choice for adding or restoring volume to the cheeks, lips, and around the eyes.

Can BOTOX lift your eyebrows?

We can provide a nonsurgical brow lift by placing BOTOX injections above the outer ends of the eyebrows. Results are noticeable yet subtle and temporary.

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