Social Media Manager

Job Summary

Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics and Westside Plastic Surgery is seeking a passionate individual that is keenly familiar and experienced with:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tik Tok
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Linked In
  • Any other supportive photo and video apps.

This is the perfect fit for an individual who loves the culmination of imagination, data driven analysis, and a commitment to drive tangible results.

Non-Exempt, part-time position – three days a week for Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery and two days a week for Westside Plastic Surgery from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.  

Work On site in the Operating Room with Dr. Steven Camp and Dr. James Goggin and with our non-surgical providers in their treatment rooms.


  • If working more than 32 hours per week Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery will support health, dental and vision insurance
  • Aesthetic services with Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery (details provided during the interview)
  • 401K after 1 year of service

Job Responsibilities

Your primary focus will be to drive brand awareness through:

  • Social Media management (Creation of content on social media accounts, with experience and ability to produce analytical conclusions to evaluate potential effectiveness.)
  • Video production and editing of product/service-related materials
  • Support of other marketing team members with before and after photo and video management

Must work well independently with little supervision, but able to collaborate with company directors in the generation of marketing materials. The position is best suited for an individual that embodies a great sense creativity, loves to “think outside of the box” and isn’t afraid to take risks but can more importantly evaluate the effectiveness of past and current marketing goals and adjust accordingly to maximize value. Must be able to demonstrate prior work portfolio before interviewing.

Required Skills & Qualifications

To be considered:


  1. Do you have any favorite books you have read about social media, marketing or branding that have inspired your career or creative juices?
  2. Do you have any podcasts that you listen to in regard to social media or branding 
  3. Do you have anyone that has mentored you in this space? Can you touch on any specific lessons you have learned?
  4. If a company is trying to grow do you lean more towards offers, brand awareness, discounts, etc? 
  5. How would you motivate patients to be involved in our social media efforts?
  6. What about staff? 
  7. What can you tell us about what you have seen in regard to plastic surgery social media efforts? 
  8. Why plastic surgery or aesthetics? 
  9. What social media brands/campaigns inspire you?
  10. What are the relevant metrics for tracking ROI on social media?
  11. How do you check and stay on top of the latest updates, innovations, and new platforms in social media.
  12. What specific ethical principles or guidelines do you follow in your work?
  13. Describe the best manager you have ever had-what did you like?
  14. Describe the worst manager you have ever had, what didn’t like?
  15. What creates your best day at work?
  16. How do you feel about being in the operating room? 

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