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When people look for the best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth, TX, and surrounding areas such as Abilene, many women and men first search for reviews written by actual patients on independent websites. Patients discuss their personal experiences with the plastic surgery practice and the care and expertise of the plastic surgeon who performed their procedures. Dr. Steven Camp and his team encourage you to read the reviews and testimonials below and learn what it means to be a #HappyCamper.

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I had the best experience at Dr. Camp's office with Lindsey and Jenna. Both are very professional, knowledgeable and just a joy to be around. I look forward to every visit. Also, Bailey @ front desk is cheerful and brightens up my day. Great team!

Business Owner replied on May 9, 2024:

Wow! Thank you so much!!

I just had my first consultation at the Camp office and it was amazing. Bailey took the time and care to help me through the process of scheduling and signing forms. During the consultation itself, Lindsay was fantastic. I’ve been overwhelmed with all of the options of skincare and she cut out all of the noise. She explained everything she recommends for me and why. She laid out a regimen for me to follow at home, and we have next steps laid out for my upcoming appointments. Overall, everyone knows exactly what they’re talking about. I felt that I was in such good hands the entire time. I can’t wait until my next appointment! Thank you girls!!!

Business Owner replied on Apr 30, 2024:

Thank you!!!

I came to see Dr. Camp with a grade 3 capsular contracture. I was very uncomfortable and in pain. I had felt dismissed by other physicians I went to see about this issue including my original surgeon who told me “it had been too long since my surgery and I should go see my PCP about my issue” Dr. Camp made me feel at ease and comfortable every step of the way. He listened to what I wanted and spent a lot of time explaining everything to me. I couldn’t be happier with my results and I am finally comfortable in my own skin again!

Business Owner replied on Apr 24, 2024:

We so appreciate you

I truly enjoy everyone at this practice. I have always had good experiences because the level of care is top notch. Angela is wonderful at what she does, and explains everything with so much detail. She works to make sure each persons treatment is the right combination for them!

Business Owner replied on Apr 23, 2024:

Thanks so much Lindsey!

Before I decided to do my mummy make-over (Tummy tuck) Extended Abdominoplasty, Liposuction and Bilateral Brachioplasty I did two years of research. I considered going to another state, even considered going to another country to have my procedures done. However, during my first visit with Dr. Camp I immediately knew he had my best interests before anything else. He asked me what was important to me, he listens to you and pays attention to your priorities. He never tried to push his agenda or other procedures. He provided me with all the information I needed, he answered every single question I had, concerns, he made sure I understood the process, surgery expectations, and what to expect after the procedure. Dr. Camp made it easy for me and my husband to feel safe and informed before the procedure. His whole staff is very attentive, they are in constant communication with me, every question I had all I had to do was send a text message to my nurse and I got a response right away. I have seen before and after mummy make-over photos and I can tell you Dr. Camp surpassed and exceeded my expectations, my scars healed fast. Dr. Camp sent me home with a private nurse as he wanted to continue monitoring my blood pressure and level of discomfort and pain after the surgery. Dr. Camp definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you are getting what you asked for. I can tell you from my experience Dr. Camp continues to meet with you and continuos to monitor my healing progress after the surgery. The moment I walked into his clinic, I felt at home, his whole staff are very sweet and welcoming. His wife Sara Camp who is also the Business and Marketing Director is truly an amazing person, very down to earth, friendly and you can tell she is also the office designer such attention to detail. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Camp for my new-found confidence and I am also fortunate to have found such a great plastic surgeon and finally after 8 years of following his meticulous and close to perfection work being able to experience it first hand. I am also very appreciative of Dr. Camp application of the lates surgical techniques!! My husband had no idea my belly button was a complete new one! My friends couldn't find where my arm scars were located as they were hard to locate. I will say it again! I am forever grateful to him, his wife Sara and his staff especially nurse Kelly and my forever friend Becky!

Business Owner replied on Apr 23, 2024:

This is such an incredibly kind and thoughtful review. So appreciate you and these words. Thank you thank you

I've tried out a few services from Dr. Camps office and they definitely know what they're doing. All of their processes are easy and everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Crystal has been great especially! She's sweet and super nice! She is very considerate and you can tell she cares about helping you get to a better you. She has a keen eye and will make suggestions based on your needs and wants and overall is really professional while still being the coolest person. I had PRP and Botox done with her and while I don't particularly enjoy needles in my face she makes it more of an experience to enjoy!

Business Owner replied on Apr 16, 2024:

Thank you so very much

I saw Kristen for a diamond facial. Kristen is amazing!! Highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable about all things skin care. She is warm and inviting. You will be in excellent hands with Kristen. Beautiful office and friendly staff. I can’t wait to go back for more!! I’m officially hooked 😀!

Business Owner replied on Apr 5, 2024:

That is so very kind. We love Kristen too. We look forward to seeing you again.

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I see Lindsay for Hydrafacials and DiamondGlow appointments every month and couldn't be happier with the results. After each treatment my skin is visibly more refreshed and vibrant. I am so happy with the results that I've pre-booked appointments with Lindsay over the next few months. Can't recommend her enough!

Business Owner replied on Apr 28, 2021:

Thank you so much Katie!

Dr. Camp and his team are the very best… I have been seeing him for almost 11 years and I gave him 5 stars back then and will continue to do so. I went in for a consultation today for a breast revision and he never disappoints.. he listens patiently and gives his expert and honest advice for what will work best for your body. I trust him implicitly. Becky made things easy for scheduling and kept in contact with me so checking in was a breeze.. if you are looking for a surgeon who knows his stuff, look no further. Thank you again Dr. Camp.