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CoolSculpting®Elite: Before, During, and After

CoolSculpting® Elite at our Fort Worth practice is the solution for many women and men who want to finally eliminate the stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise won’t fix. Even though this procedure has been around for more than a decade and is increasingly popular, many people still have questions about what it is really like to go into an appointment and what kind of results can they realistically achieve.

In this blog, I’ll walk you through the CoolSculpting experience from start to finish, explaining what you can expect during each step.

What Is CoolSculpting Elite?

How It Works

CoolSculpting Elite is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that destroys fat cells in targeted areas through controlled cooling. This nonsurgical alternative to liposuction is approved by the FDA to reduce fat in the abdomen, the inner and outer thighs, under the chin, and the back.


Ideal candidates are at or near a healthy weight and looking to target small, specific areas of stubborn fat.


You can typically expect to reduce fat by 20 to 25% in each treated area, according to clinical studies. For those looking to remove a greater amount of fat in larger areas, surgical body contouring may be the best option. CoolSculpting Elite is not a weight loss procedure.

What Happens During a CoolSculpting Elite Treatment?

The Process

Your CoolSculpting journey begins with an initial consultation to discuss your goals, which areas you would like to treat, and any additional concerns. Together, we create a custom treatment plan to ensure all your expectations are met. That plan may include combining CoolSculpting with CoolTone™, a nonsurgical muscle toning treatment that targets the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Your Appointment

You can expect to be in our office for 1 to 2 hours, during which time you may read, nap, scroll through your phone, or even check out our selection of Netflix movies. Most patients report feeling no more discomfort than a cooling sensation and suction as the treatment area is pulled together by the applicator designed for the specific treatment area. Our office has 3 CoolSculpting Elite machines on-site, allowing us to treat multiple areas at once.

Our access to multiple CoolSculpting machines enables us to greatly reduce your treatment time.

Is There Downtime After CoolSculpting Elite?


You can return to your normal activities immediately after your treatment. You may experience some redness in the treated area and feel some tingling or “thawing” as it warms. Bruising is possible, but not common.

Your Results Timeline

Results develop over a few weeks as fat cells are metabolized out of the body. At that point, you can decide whether you may benefit from additional appointments to refine your results. Most patients opt for 2 to 3 sessions to make sure their target areas are fully sculpted.

Start Your Journey

To get a great look at the overall process from start to finish, take a look at local blogger One Small Blonde’s first-person account of her CoolSculpting experience.

To see more real patient results, visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

Men and women considering CoolSculpting travel from Abilene and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area to our practice because of our CoolSculpting providers’ expertise. Contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (817) 228-4315.

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