Welcoming the Next Generation of Aesthetic Nurses at Steven Camp, MD, Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

At Steven Camp, MD, Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, we’re not just dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our patients—we’re also committed to nurturing the future of nursing, particularly in the specialized field of aesthetics.

If you’ve visited our office in Fort Worth, Texas, you may have noticed that our team includes a few fresh faces alongside seasoned professionals. These are student nurses from Texas Christian University (TCU), here to gain hands-on experience in aesthetic nursing. Their presence is an important part of their education, our practice, and your care.

Sara Camp with TCU Aesthetic Nursing students

Why You’ll See Student Nurses During Your Visit

Our collaboration with TCU’s School of Nursing allows us to offer an exclusive aesthetic nursing elective course. Spearheaded by Sara Camp, our business & marketing director, this program is a bridge between academic learning and real-world practice. It’s designed to prepare the next generation of nurses interested in the aesthetic side of health care.

The health care landscape is continuously evolving, blending traditional medical care with the growing field of aesthetics. This blend requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. Our student nurses are here to learn about everything from nonsurgical treatments such as injectables and laser therapies to the complexities of pre- and postoperative care in plastic surgery.

Under the guidance of Dr. Steven Camp and our experienced nursing staff, these students are involved in various aspects of patient care, observing and assisting as part of their educational journey.

The Benefits for You and Our Practice

The presence of student nurses enriches our practice in several ways. First, it fosters an environment of continuous learning and vigilance, ensuring that the latest best practices and innovations in aesthetic nursing inform your care. Additionally, the students’ eagerness to learn and contribute adds a fresh perspective and extra attention to detail in your care.

TCU aesthetic nursing student

Rest assured, all student nurses are closely supervised by our skilled medical team at every step. This means that while they’re given the opportunity to engage directly in patient care, it’s always under the watchful eye of experienced professionals who prioritize your safety and comfort.

By hosting TCU nursing students, we’re doing our part to ensure the aesthetic nursing field continues to grow and attract compassionate, skilled professionals. Through our commitment to professional development, we’re helping shape a future where patient care remains at the forefront of aesthetic practices.

A Commitment to the Future

When you see student nurses during your appointments, know that you’re playing a vital role in their education. Your interactions provide them with invaluable insights into patient needs, expectations, and the nuances of care that can only be learned through experience.

Join Us in Welcoming the Next Generation

At Steven Camp, MD, Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, we’re committed to cultivating the next generation of aesthetic nurses. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming these dedicated student nurses into our practice. Together, we can ensure that the field of aesthetic medicine continues to thrive, guided by skilled and compassionate professionals.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us, call our office today at (817) 228-4315 or request a consultation.