Camp Plastic Surgery Offering Virtual Consultations

Dr. Camp

In these virtual times we have moved to 100% virtual consultations as we had many in-person consultations scheduled before we decided to close our doors for COVID-19.  Not to worry though as we already had experience doing virtual consultations for patients that travel from outside of the DFW area to see our team.  Follow below to see what a virtual consultation will consist of and how it’s truly quite similar to an in-person meeting.

First steps

  • After you call or email, we will get you set up with a consultation time.
  • We will send you an email to collect your New Patient information (health history, demographic information, contact preferences.)
  • You will fill in your New Patient Paperwork which will then sync back to our practice via our Electronic Health Record
  • We will also send you some “Homework” via our educational portal “Touch MD.”
    • Your “Homework” will consist of videos and articles about the procedure you are interested in learning more about.
    • Additionally, here in this secure portal, you can load your before pictures or before video so that Dr. Camp and our nursing staff are ready to see you. This isn’t required but lots of patients enjoy this as it creates a virtual diary of their progress.

On the Day of Your Virtual Consultation

  • You will receive an email link to Zoom that includes a passcode. This makes sure that is secure just for you and our practice.
  • Once you open the Zoom meeting, make sure your speakers are on and your camera is open and ready to be used. We highly recommend using a computer rather than an iphone (if possible) just because it will be easier to see what Dr. Camp shares
  • For surgical and CoolSculpting patients, if possible, wear a robe so that Dr. Camp can get a quick visual of what type of procedure you are a candidate for.
  • Find a nice spot in your house where you feel comfortable talking with our practice. We all understand that kids are likely to be home.  If possible, let your kids know that you have a phone call where you will be busy for about 30 minutes.   Of course, we all have kids and know that they are never more interested in us or need us more than when we jump on a phone call ?

During your Virtual Consultation

  • You will likely start with one of our nurses who will go over your past medical history. She will then make sure everything is filled in and printed for Dr. Camp who likes to take handwritten notes during these meetings. (These notes get scanned into your chart after the consultation, then shredded.)
  • Then, Dr. Camp will join the virtual consultation. This is a time for education where he will screen share our educational portal Touch MD.  He will give you an overview of your surgical plan and then ask you to do a quick de-robing so he can see your surgical area.
  • Once you are finished with Dr. Camp (because the vast majority staff is all working from home), Dr. Camp will contact our Patient Coordinator Kelly for next steps.

After your Virtual Consultation

  • Kelly (our Patient Coordinator) will reach out to you to discuss scheduling and financing.
  • Before surgery, you will have a quick 15 minute in-person meeting with Dr. Camp to have a physical exam and before photos taken. For our breast patients, we will also do measurements, sizing and Vectra 3D imaging.
  • Pre-op teaching will be provided either in the phone or in-person by our nursing staff before surgery.

We hope that this helps to make clear the process of Virtual Consultations.  We truly appreciate you staying with us during this time and can’t wait to take care of you.

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