Why You Shouldn’t Compromise on Breast Revision Surgery

All you need to know about breast augmentation revision.

There are many reasons why women come to me for breast augmentation revision surgery in Fort Worth, TX. Usually, the goal is to fix or improve upon an initial breast implant surgery. This may mean replacing or removing the breast implants to create a more aesthetically pleasing result. It could also mean fixing any physical problems that are causing discomfort or unwanted symptoms.

Regardless, breast augmentation revision is a complex and challenging procedure that should only be performed by a highly-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Worth. In this blog, you’ll learn more about what breast revision is, why it’s performed, and why you shouldn’t compromise when looking for a reputable breast revision surgeon.

What is breast augmentation revision?

Breast augmentation revision is a surgical procedure that is used to address any number of concerns following a breast augmentation surgery. Usually, breast revision involves replacing the current breast implants with new ones, correcting any breast sagging or droopiness, and addressing any other issues that may be interfering with a patient’s satisfaction.

Why do women have breast augmentation revision?

Breast augmentation revision surgery may be performed for many reasons, both medical and cosmetic. Most women who choose revision surgery are unhappy with some aspect of their breast augmentation surgery.

Some of the women I see had their initial breast augmentation surgery elsewhere and are unhappy with the results. Others want to change out their implants because they want a different implant size or they desire a different style of breast implant. And some women may be experiencing complications from their first surgery and come to me for a corrective procedure.

It’s important to note that while most women are very satisfied with their breast augmentation surgery, aging, weight gain or loss, and having children can cause undesirable changes to the breasts. Breast revision surgery can then be used to correct any issues that have affected the initial breast augmentation results.

How is breast augmentation revision performed?

Each breast augmentation revision surgery is different and will depend on the individual. In order to get the best results, I listen closely to each of my patients to better understand their concerns and goals. Then, I customize each procedure to address their unique needs. For example, when repairing an implant pocket that is either misplaced or too big I may use Galaflex (a bio-compatible “internal bra”) to reinforce support for breast tissue.

Because breast augmentation revision is a secondary surgery, it is harder to perform. While it may seem like a quick and easy procedure to patients, it requires much more than simply opening the incisions, removing the old implants and putting the new ones in. Most patients are surprised to learn that breast revision is harder, takes longer, and is more expensive than primary breast augmentation. This is primarily due to the presence of scar tissue that has formed, which also makes it harder to predict a good result. Additionally, changes to the skin and muscle from the first breast augmentation procedure make revision surgery more complicated.

What results can I expect from breast augmentation revision?

Breast augmentation revision is a very rewarding procedure for most women. The cosmetic results are usually much more aligned with the client’s expectations, which makes for an overall better experience. In addition, women who were experiencing complications with their initial implants are usually more physically comfortable after a revision procedure.

If you are interested in seeing some of the results from my breast augmentation revision surgeries, visit the photo gallery.

Why should I see a board-certified plastic surgeon?

Breast augmentation revision is a very complex and intricate procedure. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in revision surgery ensures that your procedure is performed safely and increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. After all, the goal of breast augmentation revision surgery is to make it your last, so be sure to choose one of the top plastic surgeons in Fort Worth to get it right.

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