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A Common Patient Question – To Lift or Not.

I enjoy answering questions that I receive from patients as I feel it not only helps their understanding of plastic surgery but also gives them the confidence to move forward with their surgical journey.   Please see a quick question and answer series below: 

To Lift or Not


Question:  Do I need a breast lift on both breasts or just the one that is saggier? I don’t mind a slightly mature look. I want to get at least 550cc saline mod plus or more (under the muscle).. I am 5’2 120 lb., will this work for me? I have a rib cage of 30 inches and a BWD of around15-16cm but since my breasts are oddly shaped, I am not sure what to get. I have a consultation tomorrow but want more opinions. Thank you!

Answer: Thanks for sharing your question.  From what you say, it appears as though you do have slightly more breast drooping on one side vs the other.  In cases with this type of asymmetry I do prefer to add a lift with similar incision patterns to optimize symmetry.  I feel this allows the best control, and in the end guarantees the best result for you.

If you did decide to try and avoid a lift it could be reasonable to avoid this with a sub glandular augmentation (above the muscle).  I would only recommend this if you have adequate volume of breast tissue which is determined on exam and not with photos.  It is valuable to get at least a couple of opinions and follow the advice of the surgeon you are most comfortable with.  Make sure to select a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to ensure you are seeing a well qualified specialist.

Question:  What if I am willing to accept some sag in order to avoid mastopexy?

Answer: In my practice, I start off all of my consults by visiting with patients and getting to know what their ultimate goals are.  We have a detailed discussion about available implants and important points to consider with each breast implant. Additionally, a detailed exam with tissue-based planning is used and is specific and tailored to each patient. It is during this consult and exam when we can determine which implants are best for you.  In many cases, I see patients who are moms and have had some mild to moderate sagging after pregnancy and breast feeding.  Many can be managed with an appropriate implant that gives lift and size.  However, some patients truly need that lift as gravity just isn’t our friend in some cases.

All types of breast surgery have a little scarring as you must open the skin to insert the implant.  But with proper post-operative care and working with a board certified plastic surgeon you have the best chance for a minimal scar look.

All the very best,

Steven Camp MD


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