A New Friend to Fort Worth is Helping So Many

Dr. Camp

Today our practice is proud to welcome Breast Cancer survivor and owner of Pink Ink Tattoo Tara Dunsmore of North Carolina.  This morning as she arrived to our Fort Worth office we reminisced about the way our worlds collided through a mutual friend… About 9 months ago Tara reached out to me via LinkedIn to discuss her passion for providing 3D areola tattooing to breast cancer survivors who had lost their nipple during the mastectomy and reconstruction process.  This struck an immediate chord with me as I felt that my patients were looking for that special and advanced technology that Tara offered.  As she was coming out to Dallas for a conference over the summer, my wife Sara made sure to meet her for lunch to discuss the possibility of us working together.  Days before she was set to drive to our fair city she stopped by her North Carolina plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Pyle’s office to let him know that she was set to meet a new Fort Worth plastic surgeon as well as speak at the Dallas Mastectomy Summit.  Dr. Pyle let Tara know while he was happy she was meeting some plastic surgeon that she also needed to meet his plastic surgeon friend if she had the chance while in Fort Worth.  Quickly, through a little back and forth they realized that Tara was meeting me – Dr. Pyle’s friend whom he had on his mind. Talk about small world.  With Dr. Pyle’s endorsement of Tara plus her sweet demeanor over the phone we were excited to meet.

Fast forward to today in January 2017.  We have our new solo practice open Tara is just across the hall from me tattooing our favorite breast cancer patients. I can actually hear the sweet chatter from the ladies as they get to know each other and tackle the problem that has taken part of their femininity.  As a breast cancer survivor who took her experience to improve the lives of others, I trust that my patients will leave with a sense of calm but also the look they desire.

Tara will be here in Fort Worth for the weekend and proud to say she and her husband George will be hitting up the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo as well has visiting Sundance Square and other fun Fort Worth sites.  If you see Tara and George around town please give them a big Fort Worth hello and hug.

Cheers, love, and bowties,

Dr. Camp


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