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Dr. Camp

This Sunday afternoon in Fort Worth has gone from sunny and warm to a little windy and dark.  Thus, we moved the kids inside and decided to think about our upcoming week with my patients.    We got to thinking…what makes me different from every other plastic surgeon in town?  And how do we explain that in a unique way.  While I have a more serious biography on my website,   I wanted you and them to know a little more about me outside of work.  Thus, the list below was born.  Apparently, according to Sara, this is similar to what lots of gossip magazines do.  So here is the inside scoop on me – a very Happy Camper 🙂

  • Born in Chicago, Illinois and a lifelong Cubs fan, but I grew up in San Antonio and have always felt that Texas is home.
  • I love movies. The Godfather, It’s Complicated, and A River Run’s Through It are my favorites.
  • Met my wife Sara (a Fort Worth native & TCU grad) in Charlotte, North Carolina – both of us worked at the same hospital.
  • Mixing and matching bowties, crazy socks, pocket squares is fun for me, and defines my style.
  • My mom is from Colombia, South America. I love speaking Spanish with her.
  • My Dad’s name is Hope and he is my hero. He is my standard for how to live at home and in my work. I think he has the perfect name.
  • I am a proud Texas A&M graduate, and I love Aggie Football, but I have adopted TCU as my hometown team and support the school and its athletics teams.
  • My 5-year-old daughter Zoe melts my heart each day, and she picks out my socks. My 2-year-old son Winston is a total comedian and he picks my bow ties.
  • I enjoy listening to music when I operate- Patients and Nurses can pick tunes.
  • I am a true lover of a good Napa Valley Cabernet.
  • I am one of very few Plastic Surgeons with additional fellowship training in Advanced Aesthetic Surgery. I did my aesthetic training in Laguna Beach, California with ASAPS president Dr. Daniel C. Mills. Nothing better than learning the special nuances of cosmetic surgery from recognized leaders in our field. Working in an office with views of the Pacific Ocean wasn’t too bad either.
  • I love surfing and skiing and wish I could go more often.
  • My favorite time is Friday night with family and friends.
  • I think social media is a great way to connect on many different levels with my patients. Ultimately, I strive to make my message positive and educational for patients. Find me at and
  • My bitmoji looks just like me.


look forward to getting to know you too!

Steven Camp MD


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