Fact vs. Fiction: The Truth Behind 5 Big Myths About Breast Implants

Fort Worth woman learning about truths and myths around breast implants.

If you’ve spoken with friends about getting breast implants here in Fort Worth, TX, you’ve probably heard a rumor or 2 floating around. There are quite a few myths and misconceptions out there about breast augmentation. While some are flat-out false, some do have a bit of truth behind them.

I’m here to clear the air and share the truth. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the facts around a few common breast augmentation myths so you know the real deal when it comes to breast implants.

MYTH: Breast implants have to be replaced after 10 years.

While many women choose to replace their implants after 10 to 15 years, there is no set timeline for how long your implants will last. The Mayo Clinic reports only about 20% of women opt for a breast augmentation revision within 10 years of their initial surgery. It’s true that implants aren’t lifetime devices and they won’t last forever, but your timeline for replacing them is an individual one.

You typically only need a breast revision when you have a complication, your implants shift or “bottom out,” or your look isn’t in line with your body or lifestyle anymore. Once your body heals from your initial surgery, you can choose to revise your results, including exchanging or removing your implants whenever you choose.

MYTH: Adding implants to sagging breasts will make them perkier.

It’s tempting to want to “fill out” a deflated breast with an implant, but adding an implant to a drooping breast often makes sagging worse. In most cases, adding a breast lift is the way to go to achieve fullness and perkiness with longer-lasting results.

A combined breast lift with implants raises and reshapes the breast while maintaining or enhancing volume. It addresses stretched skin common after pregnancy or weight loss to restore a more lifted look. As a result, when we add an implant to increase that fullness, it doesn’t weigh down on already drooping tissue.

MYTH: Your breasts will look fake or feel hard after getting breast implants.

Modern implant styles, especially gummy bear implants, look and feel more natural than ever. It’s true that your breasts may feel firm and look high on the chest immediately after surgery. However, they will soften and drop over the next few months to create a more natural-looking result.

If you’re curious about what today’s breast augmentation results look like, check out our before-and-after photo gallery.

MYTH: You can’t breastfeed after getting implants.

You can breastfeed after implants, especially if you work with your surgeon to choose the best implant placement and incision type with your future family plans in mind. Learn more about breastfeeding after breast augmentation in this previous blog post.

MYTH: The bigger the size, the better the final look.

It’s not about choosing the biggest size; it’s about choosing the most flattering size for your body type and proportions. During breast augmentation consultations, I use VECTRA® 3D imaging to help you visualize your results and see what different implant sizes will look like on your body after surgery. This way, you can choose an implant size you know will flatter your body, which may be a totally different size than what you had expected.

If you would like to learn more about breast implants here in Fort Worth, please contact us online or call (817) 228-4315. I look forward to hearing from you!

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