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Bargain Hunting and Injections Don’t Mix

With Black Friday deals and Christmas savings in the air, many people are on the lookout for “cheap” injectable treatments. Unfortunately, discounted BOTOX® and dermal fillers often contain more than what you bargained for.

At my Fort Worth practice, I always advise patients to do plenty of research before selecting any cosmetic treatment. Here are a few ways to stay safe when searching for high-quality injectables that create beautiful results.

Why are “bargain” injectables unsafe?

Products like BOTOX and fillers typically stay within a fairly stable price range, but unscrupulous injectors use many tactics to artificially lower treatment prices. Two common ways include:

  • Use of fake products
  • Product tampering

Some discounted injectables may not be the real product. These imitations can be contaminated with unknown substances, such as silicone, counterfeit active ingredients, or more. Also, to save on costs, some injectors will tamper with the injectable beforehand. They may dilute the products or reuse half-filled syringes from previous patients.

As you can imagine, these behind-the-scenes problems pose serious health and sanitation issues. Never risk your own health when looking for an “amazing deal.”

Tips for avoiding unsafe fillers

  • Research the product: Know the average cost for BOTOX or dermal fillers in your area so you will be able to tell when a “bargain deal” is unusually low. It is also helpful to know the safety measures used with injectable treatments. For example, dermal fillers come prepackaged and sealed in prepared syringes. The product should never be drawn from a separate vial.
  • Ask where the product came from: Some injectors may buy discounted products abroad and then pass the price difference down to you, the customer. But fillers imported from other countries may not have FDA approval. Ask your provider where your injectable product was sourced, and verify with your injector that the injectable meets American safety regulations.
  • Check your injector’s credentials: Find a med spa or clinic that is supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon. You can also research the practice’s staff members and learn more about their training and experience. Choosing medical professionals with a history of satisfied customers is a good way to find high-quality products.

While discounts can be expected from even the most experienced of injectors, the old saying still holds: if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. The majority of clinics use certified products that can safely create beautiful results. But, like any other medical treatment, be sure to do your research beforehand.

Browse our before-and-after gallery to see results from our own BOTOX and dermal filler patients. If you would like to learn more about your injectable treatment options here in Fort Worth, request a consultation online or call (817) 228-4315.

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