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You Made it To My Office For Your Breast Augmentation Consult…Now what?

After time researching, scouring websites for patient reviews and before and after pictures you made the leap and called our office for a breast augmentation consultation.

Breathe, stretch, shake…

Fast forward 10 days and you are walking into my office.  My hope – pretty lighting, great music, coffee, and a superb staff to welcome you.  You stroll down our shiny concrete floor hallway into the consult room.  You enjoy the quick glimpse out the window at downtown Fort Worth. Look to your right – modern gray couch.  Look to your left – Vectra (what the heck is that thing?).  Look ahead mirrors and TONS of breast implants.

Again, breath, stretch, shake.

Oh wait – here’s the shiny white folder with a black bowtie on the front I was handed upon my entrance to office.  Looking inside and finding a few notes from Dr. Camp before he walks in.  Happy to have a few pages to read and jot down some notes.  Here’s what you should find in your Breast Augmentation folder:

The Top 10s of Breast Augmentation by Steven Camp MD 

  1. Congratulations on selecting a great procedure with one of the highest patient satisfaction rates in Plastic Surgery.
  2. During our visit I will review the 3 components in the process of breast augmentation.  I will spend specific time on the (1) method of the surgery,  (2) the expectations for the procedure and recovery, and (3) the examination, which will help to determine which size and style of implant suits you the patient best.
  3. We take pride in offering a customized approach to your procedure, and use detailed tissue based planning during your exam and also 3-D imaging to make sure we give you the custom fit you are seeking.  This dedication takes time and effort and we tell patients to plan for at least one hour during the consultation process.
  4. I recommend a process for rapid recovery and minimal discomfort for my breast augmentation patients and review the 24hr Rapid Recovery Protocol with patients in the office.  Detailed instructions for this are given to our patients after surgery.
  5. In most cases I recommend the inframammary or breast crease incision with the implants placed behind the muscle in a dual plane.  In select cases I will offer the transaxillary procedure, which offers the benefit of keeping all scars off the breast area but it is associated with longer recovery time, and also will limit the use of certain types of implants in my practice.
  6. After surgery, I see patients at one week, three weeks, and three months.  I expect your final result to be what we see at the 3-month follow up visit.  During your recovery we recommend an advance scar management program to minimize any visible scar.  This is extremely important and helps you get the best result possible.  This is included in your pricing.
  7. I recommend a soft sports bra for 4 weeks after surgery. We provide you with our favorite bra so need to run out searching for the correct one.  
  8. Most patients resume light exercise such as walking at 2 weeks, leg weights at 3 weeks, light jogging after 4 weeks, and return to full exercise with arm weights and running at 6 weeks.  No swimming and no hot tubs for 4 weeks to protect your incisions.
  9. Breast Implant Surgery can be very durable and satisfying for patients when the right planning is in place.  We expect you to have a great result that you are happy and confident with for many years.  In most cases the results of surgery last for about 10-15 years, but eventually our skin tends to thin and stretch with age.  This means that at some point an additional surgery is likely to maintain your look.
  10. After surgery make sure to refer to your instruction sheet.  We make specific recommendations for our patients that may be different from what you have been told by friends or other physicians.

Can’t wait to take care of you during your breast augmentation journey.


Dr. Camp

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