I Still See Ladies Doing This and I Wish They Would Do This Instead

Sara Camp, AG-ACNP APRN MSN, Business & Marketing Director, with her husband, Dr. Steven Camp, showing off her glowing skin

As a 40-ish mom of a middle school cutie and the daughter of 70-something parents, I am sandwiched right in the middle of lots of different skin stuff. I hear all the conversations regarding what’s hot in middle school, what’s isn’t working on the golf course, and what my friends want to hide at the mahjong table.

It’s funny, they all know that I work in aesthetics. That I am a nurse practitioner with lots of letters behind my name. But I never want to be pushy. So, I just sit there and either let the conversation happen about acne, or brown spots, or how they are buying products at the beauty counter I know don’t work. Because honestly, I value their friendship more than anything, but I do want to be a valued resource to help them to have the best skin that I have been able to achieve over the last 10 years.

My Skincare Story

So, here’s what happened. I too struggled with not-so-great skin. Back when I worked as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in the Cardiac Surgery ICU my skin was dry, patchy, covered in a few brown spots, rosacea flairs, occasional acne, and fine lines. I was only in my early 30s but was more concerned about my hair highlights and where we were going to dinner on Friday night. I was using expensive La Mer. Like $300 a pop. And no sunscreen. Well, sometimes I would spray a little Neutrogena on my face and yikes it would sting like crazy! Or I would say, “It’s in my foundation so I am fine!” But my skin didn’t look great. I had this really dry area between my eyebrows that was so patchy I used to put Blistex on it. That’s right, lip balm. Again, this was pre-plastic surgery life. I didn’t know any better and thought, my $300 pot of Crème De La Mer was all I needed to fix my skin. Sister was I wrong!

My Skincare Awakening

Fast forward to starting to work with Steven in our practice and I began learning about medical-grade skincare products and laser skincare treatments.

Medical-Grade Skincare Products

In a nutshell, medical-grade skincare can penetrate beyond the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) to really make a true difference in your skin and can only be sold in a physician-level office.

These products are backed by science (not just marketing claims) and are formulated with optimized concentrations of cosmeceutical ingredients proven to absorb and deliver visible benefits for the skin.

Many factors are taken into account of the formulas, including the formula itself, product type, concentration, and quality of the ingredients, materials used, as well as ongoing CLINICAL RESEARCH AND INNOVATION. Yes, I used the caps locks there because as a clinician this was really interesting to me.

Laser Skin Treatments

Add in the lasers we started using on my skin including BBL® HERO™, MOXI® and HALO® plus BOTOX® Cosmetic, and my skin has absolutely transformed.

My Skin Transformation

Before & After Sciton Laser Case 389 Front View in Fort Worth & Arlington, Texas
Before & After Sciton Laser
Before & After Sciton Laser Case 389 Left Oblique View in Fort Worth & Arlington, Texas
Before & After Sciton Laser
Before & After Sciton Laser Case 389 Right Oblique View in Fort Worth & Arlington, Texas
Before & After Sciton Laser

So, yes, my skin at 46 looks better now than it did at 30. There’s absolutely no question. I don’t wear foundation. And I never ever, ever skip sunscreen. Ever.

My Best Advice: Do Your Research

Back to the top of my story. What I wish those of all generations I am around would do, slow down, pay attention to what is being “pushed” to them by all the marketing around them. Stop covering their faces with fancy expensive foundations that look cakey and creams that don’t work.

Pay attention to our team when they talk about science. More than anything, my team wants to help you find your best self. And that doesn’t mean dropping a lot of $$$$. Sometimes it’s as simple as a good face wash, a Vitamin C, and sunscreen that works.

Schedule Your Skin Consultation Today

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  • Birdie says:

    My skin at 70 something is better than it was at 50! Monthly Hydrafacial with Lindsay, a few lazer treatments, and medical grade products make all the difference!

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